DTI has signed an exclusive agreement with the Ukrainian State Arms Export Company Ukrspetsexport for Mi-17 and Mi-35 overhauls at the Ukrainian defense plants.  Performing work in Ukraine offers distinct advantages to working in Russia. 
  • DTI quality personnel on-site full-time representing the Customer
  • Ukrainian government involvement and support
  • Customer visits with as little as 2 days notice
  • Full time customer presence possible


Mi-17 Overhauls

DTI Mi-17 overhauls are performed at the Aviakon Aircraft Plant and the Sevastopol Aircraft Plant (SAP).  Both are government-owned depots located in Ukraine, and carry the following certifications:

  • Ukrainian Ministry of Defense
  • Ukrainian Ministry of Aviation
  • Mil Moscow
  • Interstate Aviation Commission
  • ISO 9001:2000

They authorized to overhaul all variants of the Mi-17 helicopters. To insure the highest quality, engines and APUs are sent to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Motor Sich.

Mi-17/35 Engine Overhauls
DTI has learned the hard way that not all engine overhaul facilities in the former Soviet Union are equal, regardless of their holding all the appropriate certificates from Mil and the IAC.  DTI therefore works exclusively with Motor Sich for the overhaul of Mi-17/35 engines, APUs and fuel controls.  Motor Sich, located in Ukraine, is the Original Equipment Manufacturer of these critical components - there is no other source for new hardware. 

Mi-35 Under Overhaul at AVIAKON

Mi-35 Overhauls
DTI is teamed with the Ukrainian overhaul facility AVIAKON for the overhaul of Mi-35 attack helicopters.  AVIAKON was the largest aviation depot in the former Soviet Union.  Today it is the industry leader in the overhaul and life extension of Mi-35 aircraft, overhauling more Mi-35s annually than all other overhaul facilties combined.

AVIAKON's certifications and capability to support the Mi-35 have been recognized by the governments of India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Algeria, Bangladesh, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Peru, Western Guinea, Djibouti, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, and other CIS countries.  AVIAKON was also selected to provide Mi-35 maintenance support to NATO during the Balkans war. 

DTI has applied for and received U.S. Department of State brokering permission and/or approval of a Technical Assistance Agreement for all its activities in Afghanistan and Pakistan.