DTI is looking for highly experienced individuals to join our team.  The follow positions are open now: 

Senior OCONUS Trainer 1 - DTI is looking for instructor with at least 10 years' experience in conducting complex, long-term law enforcement investigations, including investigations in which international cooperation was required.  You should have experience conducting training in CENTCOM and/or AFRICOM.  You must have completed a federally accredited development course (IDC).  You must have a minimum of 5 years mentoring and training expereicne to include: prior US DoJ, DEA, US DHS CBP/HSI/ICE, or US DoS INL related expertise in law enforcement training programs with a CN Nexus CONUS or OCONUS.  Please contact us via the contact page.

Senior OCONUS Trainer 2 - DTI is looking for instructors that have at least 7 years law enforcement experience including; teaching defensive tactics; street survival; baton employment; use of force/defensive tactics; less-lethal technologies and firearms from an accredited institution; law enforcement tactical team leadership/management; long-term conspiratorial investigations; and complex investigations course.  The instructors must be trained to teach self-aid and buddy care, have prior experience teaching tactical first-aid, and completed a crime scene processing & management course of instruction from an accredited law enforcement training institution.  The required instructors must have at least 3 years' experience teaching foreign police officers. The Instructors must have experience in conducting complex law enforcement training to agencies in CENTCOM and AFRICOM; and must have completed a federally accredited instructor development course (IDC) or successfully complete the course prior to deployment.  We also need instructors for train the trainer courses that have at least 3 years' experience teaching in a train-the-trainer environment.   Please contact us via the contact page.