DTI was competitively awarded the Afghan Air Force Mi-17 Intermediate Level Maintenance Training contract by the US Air Force in 2009.  Classes are taught by professional Ukrainian instructors attached to the Kharkiv Aviation University, the National Aviation University and other Ukrainian aviation schools.  Instructors have a minimum of 15 years platform-specific experience.  Using an approved Mi-17 maintenance training curriculum, classes are taught in Russia and Dari, with dual language text books.  Each course is broken into 35 percent lecture and 65 percent hands-on practical training using real hardware. 

Link to the USAF article on the class graduation -

* Mi-17 Maintenance Graduation *

The full course requires one year of study.  The classes offered are:
  • Mi-17 Airframe and Attached Systems (337 hours)
  • Mi-17 Avionics (334 hours)
  • Mi-17 Electrical and Radio Equipment (338 hours)
  • Mi-17 Power Train (337 hours)

DTI has applied for and received U.S. Department of State Brokering permission and/or approval of a Technical Assistance Agreement for all its activities in Afghanistan and Pakistan.