DTI has a contract in place with the Mi-17 OEMs to obtain Mi-17 operator and maintenance manuals, as well as maintenance and emergency bulletins.  DTI can provide the 2011 manuals for the Mi-8AMT, Mi-8MVT, Mi-171 and Mi-17V5 with delivery in as little as 2 days.  With the exception of the armament manuals, these manuals can be ordered on-line and delivered in electronic format.  The OEM also publishes maintenance bulletins annually, with emergency bulletins being released as required.

DTI also has the complete maintenance and operators manuals for the the Mi-35P available.  These OEM manuals are the latest edition, updated in 2011.  These can only be purchased with a valid End Use Certificate.  The full set of task cards and wiring diagrams are also available.

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