Lt. Gen. Caldwell and Katie Couric sitting beside a DTI supplied Mi-17

DTI is providing the warfighter in Afghanistan with the equipment and support required to accomplish the mission.  DTI has had boots on the ground in Kabul and at the Afghan FOBs, sharing the risk with our soldiers.  Here is some of the feedback we have received-

“… NAVAIR team and DTI have made the past couple of weeks a resounding success.  It is absolutely amazing to think of where CAPTF and the ANAAC were at two months ago and, now because of each of your efforts, we have 4 new helos on the ramp; spare parts on the shelves (and more inbound); service life assessments complete and depot overhauls soon to follow; and RW maintenance training courses that'll begin next month.  Truly incredible!”  Lt Col David Dutcher, CSTC-A Mi-17 COTR
“…our team has partnered with a good contractor [DTI] to come up with winning programs that save lots of money and get the job done more effectively.” Brig Gen Michael R. Boera, Commanding General, CAPTF
“The [DTI] Ukrainian CTS are working out great.  Not only are they accomplishing great things in the inspection dock but they are also very involved in some significant repairs such as the main gear box swap out on 582 and the recurring auto pilot issue on 591.  In addition they are taking every opportunity to train the Afghans who are riveted with their knowledge of the Mi-17s. Thanks again for making this a reality.” Lt Col Steven Orie, USAF, Commander, 440th Air Expeditionary Advisory Squadron DSN
“I spoke with Col Shafi today and he is very pleased with the class and the instruction [Mi-17 Intermediate Level Maintenance].  I also had the chance to sit in the class for a little while and observed the students enthusiasm for learning more about the aircraft. We do want to request the two more "Airframe and associated systems" courses.” Major Joseph Giuliani, CAPTF/440 AEAS Rotary Wing Section Lead

DTI has received U.S. Department of State brokering permission and/or approval of a Technical Assistance Agreement for all its activities in Afghanistan and Pakistan.