DTI delivers world-class performance in operations, logistics and training. With solid experience on over 150 U.S. government contracts for goods and services in Eastern Europe, the CIS, the Near East and the Middle East, DTI's customers know they can count on DTI to deliver a quality product regardless of the challenges involved.  DTI has experience operating in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Czech Republic, Germany, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Mexico and five countries in Africa.



Mi-35 Overhauled by DTI for ANAF

Aviation Support:  DTI has supplied advanced military aircraft to the U.S. Western ranges and helps keep those aircraft flying.  When the Afghan fleet was largely grounded and the U.S. Army unable to deliver new aircraft, DTI was called in to supply new production Mi-17s and delivered hundreds of spares in just 30 days, getting the ANAF fleet back in the air.  DTI received the highest possible CPARS evaluation for our performance on this contract.  Click the Tab to the left for an in-depth review of DTI's Aviation Support capabilities.

Military and Counter Narcotics Training:  The DTI CN&GT Training Support Team has experience providing a large variety of training services in support of the U.S. military and its allies, including:
  • Aircraft Maintenance Training
  • Flight Training
  • Foreign Police Training
  • Counterintelligence Training
  • Tagging Tracking and Locating
  • ISR Training
  • Basic Military Skills Training
  • Computer Forensics Training


Non-Standard Arms Sales: DTI holds a number of Prime IDIQ vehicles that U.S. government customers can use to procure a broad variety of non-standard guns, rockets, missiles and other equipment for U.S. training or to arms and equip our allies.

"... our team has partnered with a good contractor [DTI] to come up with winning programs that save lots of money and get the job done more effectively." Brig. Gen. Michael R. Boera, Commanding General, CAPTF